Why It’s Time to Ditch Fear and Live Your Best Life

If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that at any moment, our lives can drastically change. Whether it’s loss of family members and friends, unemployment, or simply the total devastation of this pandemic, we’ve learned that nothing in this world is constant. Thus, it becomes even more evident that we should absolutely spend our time honoring and focusing on the present. The present moment is truly all is we have in this life, and what better way than to spend it doing the things that you love? In 2020, I declare it’s time to ditch fear and live your best life.

Think back to when you were younger, perhaps an adolescent or even in the earlier phases of your career. What did you want to do? Who did you want to become? At some point, these passions became subdued by the mundane realities of the world and the introduction of fear.

Fear that you won’t be successful.

Fear that you won’t be accepted.

Fear that you won’t be understood.

And to all of those, I say “Nope, not today Satan!”

Truth be told, everyone has faced those moments where fear introduced itself and tried to impede the very thing we are supposed to do. You were probably convinced that you weren’t qualified for that job. Or that it was too late to start that project you’ve already been putting off. You’re not alone.

Fear doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care how talented you are or the ability you have to impact people. Fear will leave you stuck in your tracks, feeling hopeless, and always wondering “What if?” Fear will steal your joy and delay your opportunities, if you allow it to dictate your life.

If I’m being honest, I know fear has stuck around for a considerable amount of time in my life. I liked (and to a certain extent, still do) playing it safe and making sure I crossed all of my T’s and dotted all of my I’S. And I know I’m not the only one.  I have come across so many women who are incredibly gifted and have passions that they only share within the intimacy of their own space. Why? Because they’ve let fear overrule their behaviors. For the very same reasons I mentioned above, they learned to suppress their passions and essentially conceal this part of their identity. As a result, they’ve resorted to the status quo and followed a prescribed career path.

Don’t get me wrong though; following an orthodox professional journey can be rewarding at the beginning. You may very well enjoy what you do and derive some fulfillment from your work. But if in your pursuit you are trying to replace what you truly want to do, you will eventually find that you are not thriving, but only surviving. And I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to thrive, sis!

Let today be the day that you make a concious effort towards identifying your active fears and have a plan to ditch them. The best part to look forward to is you showing up as your full, authentic self in every aspect. You are guaranteed to find more peace with the decisions you make. You will have more fulfilling and genuine relationships. And you will create more joy in your everyday life.

I believe 2020 has really been the most revealing year in all of my adulthood. Through all the devastation and injustice we’ve experienced, I concluded that my silver lining is that I’m still here. I still exist, and that must mean something. For that, I will continuously express gratitude for the days I wake up on this plane, and faith for what my Creator has in store for me. And for me, this does not coexist with fear.

So here’s the thing: as long as you let fear rule your life, you will always get the short end of the stick. Don’t let it get the best of you. You have so much to offer and it’s time to expand. Live your truth and fulfill your innermost desires. Cast fear aside. It has no place here. Live your life on the wavelength of love. Do what you love, love who you love, and spread love…and light.

– Kathleen